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Bully Prevention/ Child Safety

Teaching Children how to Deal with Bullying

In 2007, ATA began exploring bully prevention when it introduced its Kidz'n Power child safety curriculum. The Kidz'n Power DVDs taught students and parents how to be preventative in potentially dangerous situations, which included facing bullies. Realizing bullying was one danger on the rise, ATA Headquarters staff assembled a team to study with experts and learn more about how ATA could help fight bullying in schools and communities.


Students will know how to prevent bullying, how to react when bullying does occur and how to protect themselves and others from bullying behavior. "We teach the kids what they need to do, how they need to think so they don't get bullied, what they need to be perceiving in the environment," says Master Moody. Students will also memorize the Karate Kid Bullying Prevention Promise and repeat it at the beginning of every session.

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